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Brooke's Friday Five

Alright y'all... you know how much I love new music. 

So, I'm just making sure you're stocked up and ready to go for the weekend. Here are five new songs you should add to your weekend playlist.

First, download Trent Harmon You Got 'Em All

Was lucky enough to see him perform this song live this week in our lounge.. and the PASSION and EMOTION that came out of him when he sang this song just completely moved me. 

Second, I've been counting down the days til' Jordan Davis puts out his debut album and I can't stop listening to his music. 

You have to hear this new song Slow Dance In A Parking Lot and get ready.. his album Home State comes out March 23rd.

Okay, you're ready for a faster song by now haha so throw this one on the playlist this weekend. 

James Barker Band Good Together.

I'll be honest, I had to listen to this one twice before I was completely hooked. But, I LOVE IT! 

Now, when you listen to the next song... LISTEN to the lyrics.

There's nothing better to me than a well-written song... and that's what this one it.

I love this song so much.

Cale DoddsAll Over Me

And last, but certainly not least.. Mitchell Tenpenny's voice is about to captivate you. 

The rasp.. the soul.. it's just SO good. 

Download his song Drunk Me.

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