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Brooke's Friday Five

Each week I like to share with you five new songs you should add to your weekend playlist. 

Let's start with a song that has sooo much soul.. that really speaks to your soul. We've all that that one person in our life we keep going back to and essentially 'relapse' with. This song from Everette is THAT situation.

Listen to Relapse.

Next, is another soul-y kinda blues-y feelin' song that has a lot of swankkk to it. (Look at all those adjectives haha) Really diggin' this song from Brandon Ray called Small Talkin'.

.....I seriously can't even with Luke Combs.

He puts out HIT after HIT after HIT after HITTTT.

Hurricane, When it Rains it Pours, One Number Away and his latest single Be Careful What You Wish For... SO GOOD.

I feel like I have Jordan Davis on the Friday Five every week.. but y'all, he's just SO good.

His debut album Home State is out today and it's living up to everything I've been anticipating! 

This is one of the songs on the album called Selfish.

Gotta send a huge congratulations to Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris for tying the knot this weekend. He just released this song on his wedding weekend and I'm in lovvvve with it. 

Listen to Diamonds or Twine 

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