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Brooke Taylor

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Brooke's Friday Five

Y'all I smiled through this entire song. 

This song is EVERY single Brooke & Dunn song ever. 

If you grew up on their music.. you'll LOVE this song.

Rob Pennington - Brooks & Dunn"\

I'm so happy Cassadee Pope has new music out.

Always been a huge fan of her and this song is super catchy and I've had it on repeat!! 

Cassadee PopeTake You Home

And whewww! We all know what it's like to relate to a song. Sometimes you feel like it's written for your feelings exactly, or for someone you know.

THIS ONE is that!

Loving Muscadine Bloodline - Movin' On

I found this girl through tweet from a friend and I'm so happy I came across it. (Thank you JD)

I've listened to her entire EP and I'm obsessed with this song. The lyrics in the song are SO true and I just love her voice.

Tenille Arts - Good Guys

I've mentioned this song to you before, but I'm repeating it on today's list because it's THAT good.

I LOOOVVVVVE this song.

Mitchell Tenpenny Drunk Me

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