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Morgan Wallen Gives Us His Debut Album Details

Morgan Wallen is giving us new details about his upcoming debut album, If I Know Me, comes out on April 27th. 

Here's the If I Know Me track listing:

1. “Up Down” (Feat. Florida Georgia Line) (Brad Clawson, CJ Solar, Michael Hardy)

2. “Happy Hour” (Corey Crowder, Michael Hardy, Craig Wiseman)

3. “Had Me By Halftime” (Michael Hardy, James McNair, Josh Miller, Daniel Ross, Morgan Wallen)

4. “Whiskey Glasses” (Ben Burgess, Kevin Kadish)

5. “Whatcha Know 'Bout That” (Michael Hardy, Cameron Montgomery, Craig Wiseman, Josh Leo, Jim Photoglo, Wendy Waldman)

6. “Redneck Love Song” (David Garcia, Michael Hardy, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Miller)

7. “Little Rain” (Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Ben Hayslip)

8. “If I Know Me” (Michael Hardy, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak, Morgan Wallen)

9. “Chasin' You” (Jamie Moore, Morgan Wallen, Craig Wiseman)

10. “The Way I Talk” (Jessi Alexander, Ben Hayslip, Chase McGill)

11. “If I Ever Get You Back” (Dallas Davidson, Matt Dragstrem, Ben Hayslip)

12. “Gone Girl” (Jessi Alexander, Cameron Montgomery, Deric Ruttan, Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy)

13. “Not Good At Not“ (Brett Tyler, Morgan Wallen, Craig Wiseman)

14. “Talkin' Tennessee” (Jeff Hyde, Morgan Wallen, Craig Wiseman)

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