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Brooke's Friday Five

Let's start with the song we've been playing for you all day. 

Our iHeartCountry world premiere of Babe by Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift.

I won't lie to you.. I wasn't the BIGGEST fan of the first Sugarland comeback song, but this one.. sounds just like the Sugarland I remember! Love it.

Next let's go with a song where you NEED to actually listen to the lyrics.

This song is written so well and I've always been a huge fan of Cole Swindell... but, this might be one of my favorite songs from him to date.

Somebody's Been Drinkin' is just SO relateable!

Next up are two of my favorite guys.

We got to hang with them in Chicago at a show and it just reminded me how big of a fan I am of them.

Walker McGuire put out their debut EP earlier this year and this is their brand new single called Lost.

If you want to get to know the guys a little bit better, check out this interview I did with them!

Ready for a fun song?

I stumbled on this one from Stephen Carey and I'm obsessed.


::deep breath::

Y'all get ready for chill bumps.

I had the pleasure meeting Rachel Wammack in Vegas at the ACM's and WOOOOH! Her voice is amazing.

Take a listen to her new song Closure.

Let me know what you think of these songs! Tweet me @BrookeRadio

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