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An Open Letter To Everyone HATING On Carrie Underwood

After 40 stitches near her upper lip, Carrie Underwood is finally getting up close and personal... every one is focused on this actual picture... but, I'm focused on what's in the comments.

clayton0927That's funny you can see nothing like 40 stitches to her face, that's bull

traceyintheskywithdiamonds I dont see any scars and frankly it’s really ridiculous how vain she is.

kimnoordhoekI have to say I’ve been pretty disappointed in @carrieunderwoodmaking such a big deal over these scars when you can barely see them...girls/women would love to be half as beautiful & she’s acting like her face is SO MESSED up 👎

This is my open letter to anyone hating on Carrie Underwood for being 'vain' and making a big deal out of this.

Imagine you fell down and busted your lip. Now, you didn't just BUST your lip.. you had to get 40 stitches in your face. We didn't get to see the healing process but, I can't even imagine having to go through that healing process. Stitches on your face regardless of where they are would be scary! 

Now, turn this into being a celebrity... people are going to judge no matter what you do or say... and yes that comes with the territory of being in the public eye but why are people being so mean?!

You can't tell me that any type of injury that would alter the appearance of your body in any way wouldn't be a little daunting.. wouldn't make you a LITTLE bit self conscious. Welcome to being HUMAN.

Yes before and after... Carrie's upper lip is significantly bigger now. But, psht.. if that happened to me, I'd do anything and everything I could to look and feel normal again too.

Carrie.. you look BEAUTIFUL!

That's all.

Love, Brooke Taylor

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