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Creators Of The Bachelor Are Making A New Show

ABC just announced a new show! 

The creator of The Bachelor, Mike Fleiss, is launching a new dating show called The Proposal.

Former NFL player, Jesse Palmer, will be the host!

Seriously, you had us at Jesse Palmer. 

But, the show will consist of a group of 10 daters that will have a competition in 4 rounds for the heart of a "suitor" or "suitress"... but here's the twist... they won't know who they are fighting for. Each suitor or suitress will be kept in the dark.

The challenges though are kinda strange, but I mean hey, the guy brought us The Bachelor, would we expect anything less?

There will be a first impressions, beachwear and a Q&A round before the suitor or suitress makes their final decision.

The show IS called The Proposal, but what type of proposal will be up to the contestants... they could propose a date for coffee... or even marriage!

The show is expected to debut this summer!

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