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Brooke's Friday Five

Let's talk about the five songs I'm gonna need you to add to your weekend playlist!

Starting with two of my favorites who I'm EXCITED finally have new music for us.

Maddie & Tae Friends Don't is a must add.

Next up is Michael Ray!

His album Amos is available for pre-order right now and this is one of the songs that will be on the album. Check out Fan Girl.

Alright, next up is a guy who sings one of my favorite songs Speakers, Bleachers And Preachers.

Brandon Lay's new song Yada, Yado, Yada is just an easy song to listen to. I love it.

Ahhh I hate that I only have two more spots.

I feel like this playlist I've shared so far is real vibey.. just for a chill weekend. Maybe because it's raining here in Chicago.

Next up is Lee Brice's new song Rumor.

Alright and I can't even lie to you... this one is my favorite of all. 

Mostly because I just LOVE Luke Combs his album This One's For You is full of so many great songs top to bottom.

He's releasing a deluxe version of the album on June 1st called This One's For You Too.. this song will be on there. It's called Beautiful Crazy.

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