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Brooke's Friday Five


Alright y'all, today is filled with some pretty great new songs and I'm pumped to have them on my Friday Five playlist!!

First, we're starting with the new one from Morgan Evans. I heard him play this a couple of months ago when I first saw him live and I couldn't wait for this to be a radio single. Now, it FINALLY is and I hope you know all the words because it's GOOD!

Second, one of my faves Kane Brown has a new song called Lose It out that you for sure need to add to your weekend playlist!

Next up.. y'all I'm obsessed with Seth Ennis' voice.

This new one from him is so sweet, I love the lyrics to Call Your Mama.

Alright, let's get a female up in this playlist!

If you don't know Clare Dunn yet, you probably wanna keep an eye on her. She's SO talented and I love this song from her. Listen to More below.

I know I've shared this next song before butttt, I've had this one on repeat the last few weeks and I want to share it again! I've been a fan of Maddie & Tae for a while now and I just lovvve that they are finally putting out new music!

Check out friend Friends Don't below.

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