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'Clueless' Is Becoming A Musical

First off, let's just take ourselves back to where it all began.

Okay, yesterday we talked about Alicia Silverstone's return to TV and reenacting her alter ego Cher Horowitz from Clueless on the new episode of Lip Sync Battle.. 

Alicia Silverstone Channels Cher From Clueless!! - Thumbnail Image

Alicia Silverstone Channels Cher From Clueless!!

And now we're rubbing our eyes in disbelief because CLUELESS IS BECOMING A MUSICAL!

All of my fellow 90's babies stand up!

It's seriously headed to Broadway, well Off-Broadway but still!! This is exciting news.

The New Group Off-Broadway theater company is the one we can thank for this musical genius that will be added to the roster for 2018-2019. We can't wait to watch Clueless, The Musical.

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