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Brooke's Friday Five - 5 New Songs You Need To Hear

Alright, let's talk my favorite day of the week... new music Friday!

Starting with a brand new one from Kenny Chesney from his upcoming album Songs For The Saints.

It's a slower song, but definitely still that beachy Kenny vibe.

Love and Theft are back with a new one and this song has suchhhh Jason Mraz vibes that I can't stop listening to it! 

Listen to You Didn't Want Me below.

This next one has been one of my favorite songs for the last few weeks.

Let me introduce you to Ryan Griffin.

I just love this song Play It By Heart.

Next, do yourself a favor. You need this song on whatever playlist you have on repeat.

Tyler Braden has such a raspy awesome voice and I love this song Red Wine.

This next song I've featured in my Friday Five before and I just thought someone out there needs to hear this song. The lyrics are powerful and every girl needs to make sure they have this all down pat.

Adding a bonus one for ya. 

Renee Blair gives me such 90's R&B vibes with this song Gotta Quit Drinkin' and girl.. YES.. we've all been there!

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