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Get Chick-Fil-A On Sundays!!!

Alright, we never thought it was possible.. but here's your chance to get Chick-Fil-A on Sundays!!

The company just announced they will be selling meal-kits starting in August.

There will be five recipes to choose from:

1. Chicken Parmesan

2. Chicken Enchiladas

3. Dijon Chicken

4. Pan-Roasted Chicken

5. Chicken Flatbread

These kits will come equipped with pre-measured ingredients that are big enough to feed 2 people for only $15.89.

The meal kits will be available in restaurants, through the mobile app or in the drive through as well.

Here's the meal-kit schedule:

8/27 - 9/22 - Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken Parmesan

9/24 - 10/20 - Chicken Flatbread and Pan Roasted Chicken

10/22 - 11/17 - Crispy Dijon Chicken

Unfortunately it looks like this is only going to be available in the Atlanta area as a test. Buttttt, you can REQUEST your city here.

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