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Kenny Chesney's Brutally Honest Advice To Young Artists

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Kenny Chesney doesn't hold back when it comes to advice and what he believes in through his music career. If you're looking for some from him, prepare for brutal honesty.

Brooke Taylor sat down with Kenny before his show at Soldier Field and he says he'll get asked a lot from new artists;

"They'll wanna know... can you give us any advice on how to make it... But, I would never tell these artists.. 'you're never make it' ..because you don't do it to make it... you do it because it's what you do."

He continued;

"Just go do it.. and keep doing it.. and do it.. then all the sudden it's just what you do."

Hear the full interview below.

Kenny Chesney Ready For Chicago This Weekend - Thumbnail Image

Kenny Chesney Ready For Chicago This Weekend

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