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Nine Things To Know About 'This Is Us' Season 3

Photo Source: Getty Images

For real though, cue the tears. Our favorite show is about to be back!

Well, maybe it's not your favorite show... but it's mine... and I could cry tears of joy because it's coming back, and I'm also preparing myself for the number of boxes of tissues I'll go through watching the next season.

1. We know that production began for season 3 back in June. (here are some behind the scenes looks)

2. We know that the plot of the next season will be about Jack's story.

3. Michael Angarano will be joining the cast at Jack's brother, Nicky.

4. Don't worry y'all BETH IS ALIVE.

5. There will be an entire episode dedicated to Miguel.

6. Deja will continue to be a center character and develop more in this season.

7. We'll see more of Toby's family.

8. Season 3 will consist of 18 episodes.

9. It will premiere on NBC Tuesday, Sept 25th at 9p.m.

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