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Chris Lane Sings With Nephew

Welp, this is officially the cutest thing I think you'll see all day.

Chris Lane is very open with his relationship with his twin brothers son Callaway. Always posting about him on social media and stealing our hearts with this adorable video of him and his nephew hanging out on the porch singing his song New Phone Who's This.

Watch below as he sings:

Yeah you kicked me to the curb

You took my favorite shirt, now you got the nerve girl

To blow me up like I'm 911

with the "Where you at, what you doing, what's up" yeah

Girl you're kidding me, you're killing me

You're messing up my buzz'

Cause you keep texting that you missing what we was

You want my love, you want my kiss

All I gotta say is "New phone, who's this?"

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