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Deluxe Album From Kelsea Ballerini Is Coming

Kelsea Ballerini's September has been quite the month.

She announced she's going on tour with Kelly Clarkson next year, she celebrated her 25th birthday, her husband Morgan Evans had his first number one song with Kiss Somebody, she joined The Voice family as the 'comeback coach,' she released a song with The Chainsmokers and now she announced a deluxe ablum dropping on October 26th.

Unapologetically Deluxe Edition track listing:

1. “Graveyard” – Ballerini, Whitehead & McAnallyProduced by Whitehead, Massey & McAnally

2. “Miss Me More” – Ballerini, Hodges & McLaughlinProduced by Whitehead & Massey

3. “Get Over Yourself” – Ballerini, Copperman & McAnallyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

4. “Roses” – Ballerini, Crowell & GorleyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

5. “Machine Heart” – Ballerini, Wells & AbrahartProduced by Whitehead & Massey

6. “In Between” – Ballerini, Robbins & McAnallyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

7. “High School” – BalleriniProduced by Whitehead & Massey

8. “End of the World” – Ballerini, Lindsey & RimesProduced by Rimes

9. “I Hate Love Songs” – Ballerini, Rose & McAnallyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

10. “Unapologetically” – Ballerini, Whitehead & LindseyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

11. “Music” – Ballerini, Robbins, Galyon & DenmarkProduced by Whitehead, Massey & Robbins

12. “Legends” – Ballerini, Whitehead & LindseyProduced Whitehead & Massey

13. “Fun and Games” – Ballerini, Whitehead & McAnallyProduced by Whitehead & Massey

14. “I Think I Fell In Love Today” – BalleriniProduced by Reynolds

15. “Landslide (Live from Nashville)” – Nicks

16. “This Feeling” (The Chainsmokers feat. Kelsea Ballerini) – Taggart, Pall & WarrenProduced by The Chainsmokers

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