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An Open Letter To Those Who Are Insecure

Hey you,

First of all thanks for reading this... second of all, in a world filled with “filters” I’m reminded that it’s important to make sure you’re not ashamed of “you.” 💕

Sure, it’s easy to scroll through Instagram and see everyone else’s perfect retouched photos and think, “dang I wish I looked like them.” 

So many girls always message me and are like wow Brooke your skin is flawless, how can I get mine to look like that? ...Girl, makeup and lighting LOL. 

My skin isn’t flawless, I get breakouts and have large pores, melasma, dark spots & real oily skin just like you. But isn’t that the beauty of the world? That we’re all perfectly IMPERFECT. 

We are REAL. 

Embrace your flaws. 

Embrace your REAL beauty. 

Confidence in who you are regardless of the makeup and filters on social media is where true beauty really is. 

So, I challenge you today, to LOVE yourself. Who else is gonna post a no makeup / no filter photo with me today? Tag me so I can cheer your true beauty on!

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