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Brooke's Friday Five [11-2-18]

Alright, let's do this.

Five songs you NEED on your weekend playlist.. here we go.

1. Carly Pearce - Closer To You

  • Y'all know how I feel about Carly Pearce.. GIRL IS TALENTED. I'm so excited she's starting to tell the rest of her story in new music. This is such a sweet song!! 

2. Ryan Kinder - Stay

  • Get. Ready. To. Get. Chills. The pipes on this guy are insane.

3. Cale Dodds - Where I Get It From

  • Always been a fan of this guy! Such a fun song.

4. Nick Wayne - If You Ever Wanna

  • Jam sandwich right here. I think the kids these days call it a 'bop' haha

5. Waterloo Revival - Wonder Woman

  • This song is one that you can't help but just bob your head to. 

Honorable mention.

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GIRL. Okay, sorry for yelling, but she's REAL good.

Her name is I found her on Instagram randomly and I've just been addicted to her voice ever since.

She just announced she's gonna be on the new show with Shania Twain Real Country premiering on Nov. 13th.

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