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Brooke's Friday Five [11-9-2018]

Ready for the weekend? 

Good me too. 

Here are my weekend picks for ya. 

Five new songs you need on your weekend playlist!!

1. Lacy Cavalier - Cheating On You

  • Sorry for yelling but.. listen to it and thank me later. SO GOOD.

2. Tyler Dial - Hold You To It

  • Stumble on this song and... YES! Jam.

3. Russell Dickerson - Every Little Thing

  • I've been jamming to this song for a while.. but it came on my gym playlist this morning and I played it at least 4 times in a row.. it's suchhhh a jam.

4. Walker Hayes - 90's Country

  • This song is like a month old, but I just know some people haven't heard it yet. LISTEN. Walker crushed it with this song.

5. Zac Brown Brand - Someone I Used To Know

  • What a DIFFERENT vibe from ZBB. I'm here for it.

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