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Get Paid $100K To Not Use Your Phone For 1 Year!

The question is.. could you give up your phone for an ENTIRE year to get $100,000??

I'm logistically sitting here asking myself if it's possible, if I could actually do it.

As terrible as it sounds, I don't think I could.

Vitman Water just announced this contest that if you give up your phone for 365 days, no smart phone, no iPad or anyone else's..  NONE. 

At the end, you take a lie detector test to see if you actually stuck with it.

There is a smaller prize of $10,000 if you make it 6 months.

Now, you're probably thinking, what if I have an emergency? Well, they're gonna give you a "1996 era cellular telephone" to use for calls.

Details on the contest are below and rules are HERE.

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