What To Avoid When Shopping For Your Girlfriend

Chances are if you haven't shopped for your girlfriend yet you are getting desperate and aren't sure what to buy.

So, here's a little shopping guide thanks to our friend Post Grad Problems.

  1. Clothes / Shoes from ANYWHERE - I can personally attest to this because I've received many 'clothing' gifts in previous relationships and they ALWAYS stay in the closet. Unless she's SPECIFICALLY given you a list with the brand, size and all that detail.. then just stay away from this category... trust me.
  2. Gift Cards - These can be for STOCKING stuffers only. Don't cop out and get her a gift card so she can "buy what she wants." She wants something sweet and thoughtful. Not money.
  3. Kitchenware - Unless she asked for an Instant Pot.. don't get her an instant pot. Because then, all she thinks is oh.. you're buying me this so I can cook for you huh? Maybe not all women, but me.. yeah.. stay away from anything that can be used for YOUR personal benefit.
  4. Wine - Let's be honest, it's the holiday season.. her wine rack is probably already stocked. Not saying she won't like a nice bottle of wine.. just saying it's kind of minimal effort. So, be creative will ya? 
Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor

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