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Brooke Shares Vulnerable Update On Personal Health Journey

Seriously hope this inspires someone.

Over the last year, I’ve been struggling. No, I’m not “fat”. But, I was UNHEALTHY.

My whole life I’ve been an athlete. 

Played volleyball in college and then LIFE started.

You can probably relate to the struggle of working too much and not finding time to take care of yourself. Ex. Eating out every day, too tired to go to the gym.

It’s been a constant battle of mine for several years to remember that my health is IMPORTANT.

In November, I joined @otfriverwest in hopes that being in a ‘class’ would help motivate me to not slack off. But, it did more than that. @orangetheory has honestly changed my life.

The coaches CARE. They push you to do your absolute best, even when you feel like giving up. 

Coach @cnohara4 always says “your mind will quit before your body will” and WOW is that true.

I’ve pushed myself to limits I never dreamed possible and I just honestly feel better than I have in YEARS!

My goal wasn’t to lose weight, it was to FEEL better. And if you swipe to the right you’ll see my before pictures I took on Nov. 29, 2018 and the after pictures from Jan. 15, 2019.

I look better, but more importantly I FEEL better and the journey has JUST begun!

I’m not sure who is reading this that needed to see it, but you CAN do it! All it takes is the first step. 

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