Brooke Taylor Claps Back To Rude Message On Instagram

I'll never understand why people are so rude on social media... check out what this person had to say on my latest post:

Real message I got on Instagram.
“Brooke, you’re kind of fake. I’m not sure why you find it necessary to show us everything you do on Instagram, I know you love God and stuff, but you’re a little superficial, just saying.”
Okay first of all.. see that u follow button? It’s real easy to push. Way easier than sending this rude message.
Second of all, I pride myself in being REAL with whoever follows me. So, if that means telling whoever chooses to look that I have lash extensions and hair extensions too.. welcome to 2019. At least I own it.
Thirdly, how can I pray for you? Rudeness to other people is usually rooted in something going on in someone’s life. It’s time social media be used for GOOD instead of cutting other people down.. so, anyone reading this who could use a little prayer, I’d love to lift you up.
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Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor

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