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Brooke Taylor

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Blessed With Brooke - Today's Devotional

Isn’t it crazy how you can have such a great day and then at the very end.. the devil just sneaks in and tries to steal your joy? 😒

It’s almost laughable to the point where literally his schemes and tricks are ALWAYS the same.

In my life.. for as long as I can remember.. it’s always a financial lie.

“You’ll never be able to afford that.”

“You’re never gonna pay that off.”

Like.. give me a break. MY God ALWAYS provides. MY God ALWAYS shows up.

Today I got a medical bill that I should have been expecting, but totally forgot about.. and it ended up being way higher than I thought it would be.. and with the weight of planning a wedding amongst other things.. my first instinct was to stress and worry.

Then, my fiancé says “What are you worried about? God will provide!”


I guess the moral of this.. is surround yourself with people that will keep God at the center of your life. So, when the enemy tries to sneak through the cracks.. you can flex that muscle and say HA!!! Watch my God 💪🏼


Let's pray;

Dear heavenly father,

God guide our steps to peace today. The enemy has us wrestling with nagative thoughts... with thoughts of doubt. Just things we know are not of you. You always show up.. you always provide.. you are FAITHFUL! Thank you for loving me, amen.

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