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Brooke's Look: FAQ's About My Extensions

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are always about my extensions, so let's chat.

Q: Are they tape ins?

A: No, the ones I have are#LaserBeamerNanos, which means they are individual extensions as opposed to strips and last up to 6 months with no maintenance.

Q: How long have you had them?

A: I’ve had this set since June 11th, and they still look GREAT!

Q: How much do they cost?

A: That depends on how much hair you need,l and if you’re going for volume or length! I recommend scheduling a free consultation with@merakiroomchicagoif you’re in the Chicago area!

Q: Can you wear your hair up with them?

A: YES! I wear a top knot bun ALL the time & pony tails. You can’t even tell I have extensions.

Q: Are they easy to maintain?

A: I’ve had several other brands of extensions and tape ins too, these are BY FAR the easiest to maintain and the most natural extensions I’ve ever had.

Q: Do they damage your hair?

A: No! That’s what I love about the nano’s, they actually are positioned to lay flat on your scalp and grow WITH your natural hair and my hair hasn’t had any breakage or damage at all.

Q: How long does it take to install them?

A: I don’t care who ya are, no one likes to be in a salon for hourssss, you won’t getting these! Takes around 1 hour for mine to be installed (SO much quicker than other extensions)

Any more questions? Send me a message on Instagram: @BrookeRadio

If you want to find a salon near you that offers Hairdreams click HERE

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