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ATM Fees Reach Record High.. This Average Is INSANE

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Y'all this is actually kind of ridiculous.

ATM fees are up 3.3 percent over the last 3 years and the average ATM fee is up to $4.72.

FIVE BUCKS to access your own money.

Does that just make anyone else irate?

I mean I get it.. if you use your own bank.. you avoid the fees.. but sometime it's just not avoidable!

Here are the states with the highest average ATM fees:

  1. Houston - $5.58
  2. Atlanta - $5.50
  3. Detroit - $5.27
  4. Chicago - $5.14
  5. Philadelphia - $5.11

Here are the states with the lowest average ATM fees:

  1. Los Angeles - $4.15
  2. Seattle - $4.21
  3. St. Louis - $4.25
  4. Minneapolis - $4.25
  5. Boston - $4.29

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