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Brooke Cooks: Whipped Coffee Recipe

When life hands you quarantine... make whipped coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sharing my recipe and advice with you below.


2 tbs instant coffee

2 tbs sugar (any kind)

2 tbs boiling water

Then, whip whip whipppp.

Okay, I've tried this a few times and here's what I've learned. BOILING water is essential, trust me on this.. you don't just need 'hot water' it needs to boil.

The sugar, honestly doesn't matter.. use brown sugar, regular sugar, monkfruit sweetener.. whatever you prefer!

Okay, let's talk about whipping.. I've used the hand method.. and yes this works just fine.. but it takes forever and I just don't prefer doing it that way.

I used my stand mixer the 1st time.. and found that if you just use the 2tbs recipe it doesn't mix very well... so, I tried doubling the recipe and WOW.. worked like a charm.. So if you decided to use a stand mixer I recommend doubling the recipe if possible!

I have not used the hand mixer yet, but if you have that as an option I'm sure it'll work great.

(Also, just fyi.. whip for several minutes until you have a lighter color whip!)

Now, when you have it all whipped and ready to go.. you're not gonna wanna drink that on it's own, add your preference of milk!

My favorite combo is about 1/2 cup of coconut milk and then adding some vanilla coconut creamer all on ice.

Then, take your picture for instagram before you stir it all together and ruin it lol

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