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Brooke's Look: Living Room Decor Details

Y'all know my husband Andrew and I moved into our first home about a month ago and I've been sharing the journey of decorating this place as opposed to a small apartment.. and we're making progress!!

I posted some before and after pictures of the first room we have finished, our living room!

Lots of questions about where we got our furniture so I'm gonna link most of the items here:

Sofas: Wayfair (I got two, I just love the couches facing eachother)

Coffee table ottoman: Wayfair

Rug: (mine is the 9x12)

Macrame Piece on left wall: A friend actually made it for me and has more for sale if you want to find her on Instagram @KelseyPagePhoto

Lamp: Target

Pillows came with the couch, but I ordered covers to go over them because I didn't like the patterns. These are the white ones and these are the brown leather striped

A lot of the decor on the built in shelves are things I already had! Some of the vases I did get from Hobby Lobby.

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