What Your Cuddling Style Says About Your Relationship

Legs of couple lying under white duvet relaxing in bed

Photo: Getty Images

Anyone else love to cuddle?

Okay, me too.

But, did you know the way you and your partner cuddle actually can say a lot about your relationship?

According to Women's Health these are what different positions can mean;

  • Spooning - you see eye-to-eye with your partner
  • Head on chest - you feel very safe and secure with your partner
  • Back-to-Back - you have a mutual respect for each other and are comfortable apart
  • Legs entwined - you like to have your own space
  • Arm draped across the other's back - shows your partner that you know they need support 'I've got your back'
  • Holding hands - you want to stay connected and feel secure holding onto each other

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