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Free donuts.. Wendy's and a Frozen Pizza Shortage!

I love getting you the latest food news because... well, I love food.

If you love donuts.. you'll probably love FREE donuts. Krispy Kreme has a new offer for March Madness. April 5th you can get a free original glazed dozen if either of the women's or men's basketball championship is 'decided by a dozen' points on Sunday or Monday.

Full details on that HERE

Wendy's is giving away breakfast biscuits for $1.. it's their 'buck biscuit' promotion through May 1st.

  • Get a sausage or bacon, egg & cheese biscuit for a dollar through May 1st.

Also might wanna get ready for another food shortage.. because next on the list are frozen pizzas.

The brands affected are Totino's and Pillsbury. They are having some supply issues and having a hard time keeping up with demand.

Full details HERE

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