Self Care Ideas To Get You Through the Pandemic

We're are going through some tough times, folks. The stress and anxiety caused by the global COVID-19 outbreak is not something to be taken lightly! We're all feeling the pressure as the number of cases rises each day. And while social distancing is our only hope to slow the spread of the virus, it can definitely take a toll on your mental health! Being cooped up at home all day, worrying about the world, can be hard on folks.

So I'm going to make sure I share more content to make you smile, and self care reminders and routines you can do at home to help get you through this time!

This video shares 20 self care ideas that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to make sure you're watching your mental health.

Some of these ideas won't work right now (for example, #16 is "Take the afternoon to explore somewhere new." Please don't do this right now!) But many of the ideas are helpful, like calling and FaceTiming friends, making healthy treats, opening your windows for some fresh air, and journaling.

Stay healthy everyone!

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