My last haunted house experience was over ten years ago. The only thing I remember is literally peeing myself. 

So...naturally when I was told the Massacre Haunted House was 'the scariest haunt' in Illinois I started looking at Depends (seriously). 

It took about an hour outside of the city, when we got to Montgomery where we were greeted by a horned woman carrying (and munching) on something just NOT okay. 

BEFORE we even walked in a Ring Leader Creepy Clown chased me out of the line where I hid (in plain sight) on top of our BIG 95.5 truck...from my terror!

THAT DANG CLOWN WOULDN'T LEAVE ME ALONE...I think we have a date at Waffle House in a few weeks.

@onairwithemily is prepping herself to walk through @massacrehauntedhouse ... this probably didn't help. #FearTheMassacre

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