Social Distancing Workouts

For some people, the anxiety and stress of the these strange days full of the unknown can make it difficult to get much done. But for others, they're coping by trying to keep things as normal as possible. And that means continuing group fitness sessions with some coronavirus tweaks.

Even with gyms shuttered, fitness trainer Jamie Benedik isn’t about to let the coronavirus weigh her clients down. She’s moved her classes from the gym to her driveway. Making sure that they give each other plenty of social distancing space, she and 11 other Long Islanders start by pounding the pavement for a quick power walk warm up. Then they move back to her driveway for some intense strength conditioning. Thanks to Jamie’s classes, the group all say this new routine is a breath of fresh air.

I think these folks might be a little too close for my comfort, but kudos to them for getting in their workouts! I'll stick to digital classes on YouTube and other fitness classes for now.

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