It's World Elephant Day And Lisa Dent Is Committed To Saving Them!

It's World Elephant Day

Let's save the Elephants!

It's heartbreaking for me to think this generation could be the last to see elephants in their natural surroundings.

The ivory trade has to stop. We can do this with the help of

On my trip to Kenya, I spent time with this organization at Elephant Watch Camp. They're working hard every day to put an end to poaching, to stopping their mistreatment in captivity and finding solutions to loss of habitat.

How could anyone kill one of these majestic creatures?

We have so much in common, like us they're very concerned about their family members and they mourn when they die.

Please help. If you don't what to do or where to start just click on

Let's go to Elephant Watch Camp in Kenya and you can see what's being done to save them and how big of a job it is...just let me know!


Lisa Dent

Lisa Dent

Lisa Dent


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