Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes Listed State By State

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Is turkey your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Or is it salad?

According to this list, people in Illinois say salad is their favorite Thanksgiving dish.

What?????? Apparently, you need to try my Sweet Potato Casserole!

Google just came out with their list of the most searched Thanksgiving recipes per state:

Click here find out what is the most searched savory and sweet Thanksgiving recipe in your state.

Roast Turkey is the most popular searched recipe, with nine overall states, followed by salad and dressing, with six states each.

When it comes to sweets, brownies and pumpkin pie top the list, searched in 15 states each.

Now that Halloween’s over it’s time to start thinking about our Thanksgiving meals, and it seems there are some recipes that are more popular in certain states than in others.

Not surprising, Google reports the most recipe searched for in the most states is roast turkey, popular in nine overall states, with salad and dressing (a.k.a. stuffing) the second-most popular, a favorite in six states.

When it comes to turkey only one state seems to be interested in straying from the norm, with Kentucky’s most searched recipe being deep friend turkey, while another recipe that isn’t quite as popular as most is Deviled Eggs, popular in only four states. 

  • Now when it comes to sweets, brownies and pumpkin pie are the most popular, searched by 15 states each, with pecan pie also pretty popular, with it being the most searched recipe in six states.

Source:House Method

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