Dogs Hate The Fourth Of July: Here's How To Keep Them Calm

Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks-

The Independence Day holiday is a terrible one for many pets.

Fourth of July is the day more pets are lost than any other.

There are some things you can do to keep your dogs and cats feeling safe and less anxious.

  1. Create a sense of calmness and compete with the noise by turning on a radio or television.
  2. Place a cotton ball in their ears while the fireworks go on (just remember to take them out!)
  3. Stay with your pet or have a family member or friend dog-sit for the day to give them a sense of security.
  4. Take your dog out on a leash when they need to use the bathroom so they are not alone and cannot run away at the noise of fireworks.
  5. Play fetch with them (not outside), put on some relaxing music, and reward them with treats.
  6. Most importantly, keep them far away from the fireworks show!

Source Good Morning America

On a persoal note, there is NO way my dogs or cats would allow me to put cotton in their ears, they'd take it out immeadiately. I'm not sure that's a good idea....


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