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Fed Up With Cooking Through The Pandemic: The Same 28 Meals

Being stuck at home led many Americans to embrace cooking, but after months of eating their own food, some are finally fed up with it. 

A new survey conducted by Sun Basket finds:

  • 55% of Americans say doing so much cooking at home has left them feeling fatigued.

Most people cooked an average of nine meals a week.

But apparently there wasn’t much variety, with the average person admitting that since the start of the coronavirus crisis they cooked the same meal 28 times.

So, what’s got folks fed up with cooking? Well, the survey finds the most fatiguing aspects of cooking include:

  • Prep work (46%)
  • Clean up (43%)
  • Planning meals for the week (42%)
  • Cooking (35%)
  • Collecting ingredients (34%)
  • Waiting for food to be ready (28%)

Because of this fatigue, 53% of Americans say they are eating more takeout and delivery.

For this reason, 55% say they are eating more unhealthy foods.

Time is apparently a big issue for most home cooks as well.

  • 69% say they wish it wouldn’t take so long to make a healthy dinner.
  • If they had it their way, it would take the average person only 12 minutes to make a healthy and delicious meal. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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