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Sabrina Conte

Sabrina loves being on the air in her hometown! Born and raised in the DMV, Sabrina grew up in Clinton and went to Bishop Ireton High School in...Full Bio


Video of Vet Naming Five Dog Breeds He'd Never Own Goes Viral

A video of a UK vet naming the 5 breeds of dogs he would never own has gone viral.

The breeds are:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - suffers from too many health problems, including a congenital heart defect

Chow Chow - temperament can be unpredictable; suffers from eye problems

Dachshund - tend to have back problems

Shar Pei - skin issues due to their wrinkly coat

Pug/Bull Dog - spinal issues and skin problems

I have found that pure bread dogs almost always have some sort of issue. We loved our German Shepherd, Harp but the poor girl had terrible stomach problems, skin issues associated with food and seasonal allergies, and towards the end, hip dysplasia.

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