Towson University And U Of Maryland Voted Among Ugliest Campuses In The US

At least they're not the ugliest, right?

According to a new study done by, two of the biggest university campuses in Maryland came in pretty high on the list of ugliest in the country. Sorry Towson and Maryland. Apparently there's no love for you in the offices of Complex.

Why did they rank so high? Well...

#20 Towson: The site says the campus is sterile and bland. It also says it's partly because the school is in an unsafe area. I live right near Towson...and I don't think the authors of this study know what the term 'unsafe' means. They also reference that the school is so uninviting that most students end up going home on the weekends.

#17 University of Maryland, College Park: They don't really have anything super negative about this campus other than that it's mostly made of boring brick buildings. I don't think we can argue much with that.

See the rest of the list RIGHT HERE and let us know what you think!

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