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NEW Dog Washing Station A Hit At Montrose Dog Beach

CHICAGO --  As summer winds to an end, crowds are flocking to Chicago beaches to squeeze in a little more sand and sun.  And if you're a dog, it doesn't get any better than a run on a sandy beach.

The Montrose Beach in Chicago provides great fun for the furry set, but a mess for their owners who are left cleaning up  all the wet sand left behind.

But that changed two months ago when one Chicago dog owner decided to do something about it.

"There was no water whatsoever, so thousands of people still came here every weekend but they'd have to take their wet sandy dog into their car,” says Paul Fehrenbacher, co-founder of Mutt Jackson.

Paul asked the Chicago Parks Department to add some water hoses but was told it was too late to add water lines. So he came up with his own idea: dog washing stations powered by a monster generator just yards from the dog beach.

It took five years to get approval, but finally Paul brought in his lakefront mutt spa.

Dog owners  have loved it and even call it a “game changer.”

Yes. Yes. YES. I can personally vouch for this beautiful invention, they are a life saver. I take my dog to the beach 2-3 times a week (weather permitting) and when these things finally opened I was AMAZED at how awesome it is. Virtually never have to take your dog in for a bath anywhere else. Total DIY feel, the dog thinks it's a ride so they jump right in and everyone goes home happy and sand free! LOVE this. 

- T


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