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Would You Spend 150K On A BED?!

NO WAY am I paying $150,000 for a bed. Here's a list of everything else you could buy for $150,000 INSTEAD of a bed, I don't think I've even made $150,000 in my lifetime collectively but that's for another day:

- A new home

- A Ferrari

- TWO Tesla Electric Luxury Cars

- A race horse complete with housing and transportation to and from races

- Payoff mortgages

- Live Rent free for years in downtown Chicago

- A Dollar General Store...probably

The point is, $150,000 for a BED is absolutely ridiculous. They need to have a Mattress Firm 100 day trial period before I buy or something...I need to have literally the best sleep, uninterrupted, knocked out cold kind of sleep before I even consider buying this mattress with the fake money I pretend to have. Hell, even the $10,000 mattress TOPPER is ridiculous... And yet, one day I could make that money and I'll have a nice horse hair bed from Sweden in my bedroom.


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