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BEST OF THE BEST: Highlights (Commercials) From Super Bowl 52

The internet is an amazing thing. I watched Super Bowl 52 mainly for the commercials (even though the game ended up being incredible.) The stunning part is that I was able to find the commercials online IMMEDIATELY after they aired, making this blog a lot easier to write. Congrats to Philly on their FIRST SUPER BOWL WIN. What a game! Etc. Etc. Let's dive in!

How genius is this?! Definitely one of my favorite commercials. Tide came out early (end of the 1st Q) and came for blood by basically saying every commercial we saw from that point on could be a Tide commercial because of how clean the clothes are (they even peppered in a few more spots to remind you they are still the best). Incredible alpha move from Tide (who nees some good PR after their signature Pods became a go to appetizer amongst dumb teens looking for views on social media. Well done, Tide.

FINALLY. Big Star Wars gut here, this movie had been in the dark for a while and I kinda forgot it was being filmed...but FINALLY we have a trailer (I'll have a better blog about the trailer when it drops tomorrow, this is just the teaser) but DAMN. Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian? Anything the Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke is in, I'll go see, PLUS Han Solo was trying to join the Empire?! So many questions...but very excited for this movie.

Will we ever, as humans, stop trying to recreate things that will ultimately backfire and try to kill us? If this movie is any indication, the answer is no. Chris Pratt takes the lead in the sequel to Jurassic World. I'll see it. Will you?

This made me so, maybe I won't go to Australia out of spite, mad. Just...just make the actual movie please...the world is watching Australia...don't mess this up. Give us Dundee.

Old Sp-...just kidding. It's a #TideAd

A break from the commercials because this play was NASTY.

Justin Timberlake brought down the house (and brought Prince out on a sheet..?) Well done, sir.

I know they released this a week early but, c'mon. A beer company doing a good thing for people in need. Had to include it.

YES JEEP! YES JEFF GOLDBLUM! Makes me want to go out and buy a Rubicon RIGHT now. Great commercial.

A parody of a country song with Blake and Adam? I'm in.

Comedy gold. #TideAd

Absolutely brilliant concept. Cardi B 100% cannot act but I'm okay with it because she's incredible and her song is *fire emoji*. There are a few other out there but they don't really make sense without the beginning of this ad. Where can I sign up to have that job?

Just one more. #TideAd

And that does it! Congrats again to the Eagles!!! Sorry to my boss, Steve...tough loss...

Were there other commercials? Maybe, but I stopped watching them once the game got really interesting (ie the entire 2nd half). If there are any I missed, follow me below and send me your favorites! Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!


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