Forget What You've Seen, THIS Is The Best Gender Reveal Video EVER


A few days ago I posted a blog about the worst baseball gender reveal and it happened in my own backyard, Wrigley. While that showing wasn't the best, it pales in comparison to this video right here. First of all, the batter...if you know you're not gonna hit it, catch it! Throw it back and lets do it again, or at least TRY to! This man takes a full step back and stares DIRECTLY into the camera because he knows what's coming next, an explosion of powder coming from the hands of the person behind him. Or so he thought. See, the catcher in this video never for a second thought she would actually have to catch anything, she was put back there for show (the video is grainy and this person is in the shade, I'm assuming it's the wife? Maybe a friend? I apologize in advance if I'm wrong, but I'm gonna go with the wife in this scenario). Just wanted to be in the background while Daddy-to-be smoked the bejeezus out of the ball and everyone celebrates and cheers while blue powder is floating through the air, inevitably settling on the neighbor's lawn. Instead she gets a face full of powder and about eight different camera angles capture the moment, but you have to post the slow mo take. That's a keeper right there and unfortunately this woman will NEVER live this day down. This is her legacy now. Hopefully she embraces it. 

There's only one real reason you film a gender reveal and that's so you can post it and hope someone picks it up and it goes viral, doubt this was the kind of viral video they wanted but, maybe catch the ball next time? Also, fire the person who threw the ball. High and inside while the cameras are rolling? If you're gonna do a baseball gender reveal video, make sure you have aces on the field or this type of thing will happen over and over again.




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