Midland Drops Music Video For 'Burn Out' & It's AWESOME


I LOVE SINGLE SHOTS. Not talking the alcoholic kind (although I don't mind those either) but if you noticed, this video was one long take. The camera kept moving and there was never a split or cut. Just one single shot the whole video and that is a HARD thing to do in film. Everyone involved in the scene has to be on because the camera can pan to you at any moment. Every movement has to be precise and can't be early or late otherwise the camera can't capture the sequence. I know they're supposed to be in a hot sweaty dive bar in Texas but part of me thinks that was real sweat on the boys because they've been standing under those hot lights for a good few hours between takes, not to mention having to run the WHOLE song over and over and over again all the way through to get the right take, and that's only if they don't stop in the middle of the song because something somewhere got messed up. VERY well produced video and another catchy single from the Midland boys. Makes me want to go have a few cold beers down in a Texas bar. Never been but I want to. Is that really how they look down there?

Also, the bartender... Sup?





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