Video Of The Summer Candidate: 'Blue Tacoma' By Russell Dickerson!

WOW. I've said this once I'll say it every damn time. Russell and Kailey Dickerson are #RelationshipGOALS. I mean c'mon, look at how in LOVE they are! Following both of them on Instagram was a great decision I made back before 'Yours' hit radio airwaves, go me, and this video essentially encompasses everything they do as a couple on a daily basis. From the filtered coffee, to Chinese food, THE WINE, and just being absolutely adorable with one another 24/7, this video is perfect. And go Kailey!!!! I think(?) she was the one who edited this whole thing together after they shot it! Just a country power couple who deserve the spotlight they're in right now. We need more positive couples like these two in the public eye. Can't say enough good things about Russell, Kailey, this song, his album, career, etc. All good things coming their way. 

What's the over under before this song goes #1? Taking bets currently. Notice is said before not "if" because this song is a BANGER. 



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