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FBI Agent Accidentally Fires Weapon Into Crowd While Dancing

The accidental shooting took place at the Mile High Spirits bar and live music venue.

Denver police will continue investigating the incident, and the district attorney's office will determine whether charges will be filed against the agent.

FBI Denver spokeswoman Amy Sanders said the incident is a personnel matter for the FBI and the police will lead the investigation.

The incident occurred at Mile High Spirits, a bar, distillery and live music venue near Coors Field.

It's unclear whether the off-duty agent had been drinking at the time.

Ooof...yikes. Terrible terrible look for the FBI and responsible gun owners everywhere. Probably the most viral video of the weekend and it's bad all around. Not only does it appear this agent does not have his weapon securely in his holster, (honestly looks like he just has it in his pants like an amateur), but the man cannot, CANNOT dance at all...I mean, c'mon, a backflip? That's your go to? What is this, Cirque De Solei? Is this man just running back his audition for So You Think You Can Dance? If his goal was to look like he was having a seizure, he succeeded. It's almost as if he knew he was bad at dancing and said to himself "C'mon, Dave you're losing the crowd!  Oh I know what'll redeem myself! BACKFLIP! Boom! Landed it! That was aw-oops my gun went off."

Now, I know what you're thinking "Trace, this is a serious situation, you can't poke fun at this." Incorrect, this blog would be in poor taste if a casualty occurred but the man who was shot will be just fine and I don't deal in hypotheticals where we ask ourselves what COULD have happened, which means I can roast this FBI agent, no harm no foul. 

There's a saying "you're only as smart as the dumbest kid in class  as strong as your weakest link" and this man, my friends, the weakest link. Assuming he hasn't already been fired after this video surfaced, can you imagine him walking into the office Monday morning? "Hey Dave, nice dance moves" "Hey Dave, I want to critique your routine but I'm afraid you'll just shoot me too." He needs someone to spill coffee on themselves or drop a bunch of files while running down the hallway on Monday, ANYTHING to keep his coworkers distracted from the fact that his bad dance moves have been replayed on every major news network all weekend long, oh, and he fired his gun into a crowd which is a huge no-no for Law Enforcement. Safety first, kids, the lesson learned here is, if you can't dance, stay out of the dance circle, or someone might get shot. 

My favorite part of the report is the last line "It is unclear whether the off-duty agent had been drinking at the time" ....Really?

You don't bust out a back hand spring at a place called MILE HIGH SPIRITS BAR AND LIVE MUSIC VENUE with out having thrown a few back beforehand...just saying.


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