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Bill Gates Donates $4 Million To Genetically Engineered Mosquito Army

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnering with mosquito engineering company Oxitec to develop a male mosquito designed to kill off future generations of malaria-transmitting bugs.

Only female mosquitoes bite, so Gates' army of genetically engineered male mosquitoes would be safe to humans.

What's important is that these male mosquitoes contain a self-limiting gene that gets passed onto female mates.

When the females give birth, their offspring will die before adulthood thanks to the gene.

Mosquitoes only start biting people once they're adults, so given enough time, the danger of blood-sucking female mosquitoes could be eradicated.

Oxitec's killer mosquitoes are expected to be ready for trials by the end of 2020.

On one hand, I firmly believe the science behind this. On the other hand, we're breeding mosquitoes now?! Let me get this straight, we're gonna breed male mosquitoes who carry a virus, so they can have bug intercourse with the female mosquitoes which, in turn, causes the females die leaving only males left and ultimately ridding the world of any diseases that could be transmitted by mosquitoes?? Sounds like an idea someone came up with, funded, and started the company under the influence and now, sober, they realize this thing could actually possibly happen. They've been doing something right or their sales team is top notch because now you have Bill Gate's money to play with. I'm all for this, actually. Mosquitoes/mosquito bites are one of the few things I cannot stand about summer weather so, if this company can get rid of that problem for me? They have my vote. Where do I donate?


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