There's A 150MPH Lawnmower Out There & I NEED It


In 2014, Honda's British Touring Car Championship partner modified a HF 2620 lawn tractor and broke the land speed record for mowers, running 116 mph. But only a year later, a Norwegian named Per-Kristian Lundefaret took his modified Viking T6 all the way up to 133.57 mph. Honda couldn't let this stand forever.

The prototype retains a fairly stock look thanks to its front cowl, grass box, and body panels. Even more crucially, this mower can still cut grass, with revisions done to the cutter deck to house the chain running to the rear tires, and two batteries powering electric motors that spin carbon-fiber blades... That's right, it's got carbon-fiber blades.

So...I did not know that companies competed to build the fastest lawn mower until I read this story five minutes ago but I am so glad I did. Are you kidding me?! My yard growing up wasn't big enough to warrant a riding mower but I always got real jealous of the landscapers who cut the grass at my schools growing up, they had these massive John Deere green and yellow behemoths that almost looked like those propeller boats you see in the bayou. Just huge machines that can turn on a dime and we would always get outside for recess or gym class right as they were finishing up. You ever play flag football on a fresh cut field? The best. I used to want one of those eventually when I grew up and made a lot of money and bought a house with a bunch of land. I thought "I'll have one of those green machines one day." That dream died today. From now on, the new dream is to own this bad boy right here.

Ohhhhhhh yeah. I still want my big house and big piece of land but to be able to cut that in literally 5 minutes with carbon fiber blades and a top speed of 150mph? Yeah, I'll pay for that. 




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