If You Ever Do This At A Ballgame, You Should Be Banned


Controversy on Twitter yesterday (what else is new). This time the debate is whether a grown man is in the wrong for giving a tossed ball meant for a little kid to his wife instead. Again, as with most Twitter debates, I'm strictly going off of the evidence in the video. Someone on Twitter came to the defense of the man saying:


Regardless of what people on Twitter think, the bottom line is this. If you steal a ball from a little kid, you should not be allowed back in that ball park. End of story. "But Trace, the one guy said the bad man helped the kid get another foul ball a few innings ago and he's being ridiculed on the internet for the wrong reasons" Don't care. We live in 2018, a time where the whole truth doesn't really matter when it comes to things like this. It's not great but it's the reality we live in. You know the saying "Pics or it didn't happen"? Same goes for video. Did the guy give another foul ball to the kid before he was filmed? Maybe. We'll never know. We need video proof. You can't take people's word on Twitter. That's like trusting your gut and buying a house on eBay. Unless it's a verified source, don't trust it. 

Back to MLB Fan Etiquette: If you have a kid in your vicinity at a ballgame and you're lucky enough to catch a foul ball of any kind, it automatically goes to the kid. That's just a no brainer. The only way I would let it slide is if you caught the ball in your beer and then proceeded to chug the beer with the crowd cheering you on.


Yeah, she gets to keep that one. Also, sup? There's an unwritten rule in baseball. It's up to the fans to keep the magic of the game alive, and how do we do that? By making sure kids have a memorable time. We, as adults, have beer at games. Kids have souvenirs given to them by players and kind upstanding baseball fans unlike the guy above. Don't be like that guy. If you catch a foul ball, take your picture for proof and then give it to a young fan, it will mean more to them than it will to you. 




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