Bill Burr Is My Spirit Animal



I was on a plane to New York just last week and dealt with this exact situation. We've all been there, right? And it's never the bigger person's fault, how do they expect to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes when they're sticking us in the back of the plane like sardines in these tiny seats? It's not fair for either party involved. I'm all for paying more for a flight if I know I have guaranteed elbow room for it's duration. Unfortunately the only way to guarantee that is to buy a first class ticket and I'm just not at the financial point in my life where I can justify spending two grand each way on a recliner airplane seat. Even if the cheap champagne is free, I don't have that money laying around! One day I will but I'm only 26. Money is tight and for the foreseeable future, that will affect the convenience and luxury of my flights. You can never win though, can you? Either someone who takes up too much space on an airplane seat sits next to you OR someone who clearly forgot showers existed the week of the flight is opening their breakfast burrito next to you and you contemplate using the doggie back in the seat back in front of you before the wheels even leave the run way. Just once I'd like to sit next to a beautiful woman or a celebrity for a flight but I guess that only happens in movies. Go figure. 

Anyway, that rant was inspired by the man in the video. Bill Burr. Bill Burr has achieved the ultimate old man yelling at cloud status. And I mean that in the best way. He can say and do whatever he wants as a comedian and society will chalk it up to "Well yeah, it's Bill Burr." The man has built a career on these crazy, twisted, sometimes very dark rants and I have never related more to a comedian than I do Bill. It's like staring at a video of myself from the future. If you're not familiar with his stand up routines and you love a middle aged man ranting about everyday problems that you can relate to, stop reading this blog and head over the Netflix or Youtube and have yourself an evening of jokes and laughs. His material is NOT FOR EVERYBODY but if you need someone to get mad about something on your behalf, Bill Burr is your guy.




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